Live Performance Strategy Buildout

For your local strategy you need to decide whether you'd like to focus on hard ticket or soft ticket events. Hard ticket events should be sparse during your campaign. Maybe only 2 or 3. Soft ticket shows are a better fit if you are wanting to perform frequently in your local area.
First step to forming a live performance strategy is to select the frequency you would like to tour. We should decide whether we can do an extended weekend tour, if so, how many weekends per month? Or can we only do singular dates at a time? *Two week tours need approval from the ZT60 team leader. If you have an extensive tour history you coach may approve a two week tour LPS.
Route One
The Blue Route
Select an Anchor market approximately 500 miles away from your local market. Our goal is to route a tour to and from this market.
Starting from your local market select seven additional markets along the route to your anchor market. Make sure these markets are approximately 75 miles from each other and never more than 500 miles away from your local market.
Route Two
The Red Tour
Your second anchor should be in the opposite direction from the first anchor market you've selected.
Think about markets where you have friends or family and route through those areas. (But still don't exceed 500 miles)