What is Day To Day Management? The answer is simple. The responsibility of day-to-day management is to ensure the fulfillment of any basic tasks pertaining to a strategic rollout of a project or campaign. We're excited for you to learn how our team uses the Zero To 60 Day-to-Day Management Program to create and execute: live performances, social editorial, single & video releases, EP's, albums, and much more.  All of which will be discussed in detail during your first coaching and strategy session as an official Zero To 60 artist.  

The majority of day-to-day management tasks are consistent across all genres. A curriculum, template, or program can effectively be used to fulfill them no matter what genre you're in, or what stage of you're career you're working through. Some tasks however require nuance and customization thus needing the support of an Artist Coach to be completed effectively. In order to quickly move through these basic tasks, we created a 350+ task list into a digital workspace called Asana to organize your day to day needs.  Each task has a description explaining how we will execute the task. Additionally some have instructional videos so everyone can see the processes we use. This list makes sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed and nothing will slip through the cracks. 

For each need that arises (be it technical or creative) we will have a suggested resource to fulfill it. Through our creative services and preferred partner programs you’ll never need to leave the ZT60 community to complete a task. Although that doesn't mean you should you feel obligated to use our resources if someone in your own community is a better fit for the job. Just know they are available when needed. Our goal is to complete all the setup tasks and have all creative assets in place before setting our a final timeline for releases. This ensures we have executed each task efficiently and it gives your project the best rollout possible. 

We want to make sure you get the most out of your time with us. If any portion of the program is unclear to you please don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for alternative options in order to move forward and achieve the goals you came here to accomplish. By utilizing this program and the relationship with your team we guarantee that you'll feel proud and accomplished as together we complete what is sure to be an outstanding campaign. 

What is Asana?

Asana is simply a task management app. By viewing the tutorial videos you'll learn some of the tricks that make it amazing. We use Asana to deliver transparency throughout the Zero To 60 program. This app gives you 24/7 access to your team. Please use Asana for all team communication moving forward. This makes sure ALL team members remain aware of any updates, changes, and what is getting done. Email will be used as the primary communication when working with persons outside the ZT60 team. Please refrain from texting your team members except in cases of emergencies.

Our campaigns are most successful when artists learn to use Asana efficiently and quickly. Once in Asana you'll see that you have been added to team titled after your artist name within the AGD Organization. All members of your team will have access to ten Asana projects that makeup the Zero To 60 program.

You can view more instructional information about Asana here

Coaching Sessions & Support

Throughout you're campaign you are provided bi-weekly coaching sessions. These sessions are very easy to schedule. We have a calendar app built into our website that will allow you to select the best time for you at your convenience. During your sessions we will take notes for any team members that may not be present. These notes will be available after to all team members to reference via the Team Conversation section in Asana. This is also a great place to keep the conversation going between coaching sessions as well.  On the weeks we don’t do a session you’ll receive a campaign update from your artist coach. These updates will include task reminders and new task assignments. 

Coaching Sessions are used to customize an artists strategy while moving through  Zero To 60 program.  Each session is approximately an hour long, the first 15 to 30 minutes are used to recap progress, and then your coach will allow time for troubleshooting problems or to think-tank creative solutions. During these coaching sessions, if the tasks you have previously been assigned are past due your coach may have you spend the time working with service agent to get the tasks completed before moving forward in the campaign. These coaching sessions are a key aspect of your time with us so we ask that sessions are only rescheduled once per month; with a 48 hour notice. This is due to the fact that sessions that are missed will still be invoiced and rescheduling within the bi-weekly timeframe is not guaranteed. 

The most important asset provided by this program is the relationship with your Zero To 60 team. We will push you to work hard. Encourage you along the way. Plus hold you accountable when you fall behind. Lean hard on your team for the help you need but we don’t pretend to know every answer to every question. If we don’t know the answer we’re gonna find it for you. Because we have a unique structure, some artists struggle with how to refer to their team in public. The titles we use for Zero To 60 team members include:  Artist Coach, Service Agent, or Coach Intern.  You may also refer to your coach as your Day-To-Day Manager if you do not already have someone in this role. Other team members may be referred to as part of your Management Team. Since one goal many of our artists share in using our service is to attain full time management representation, and considering many of our Zero To 60 staff are aspiring to become artist managers themselves, please refrain from calling members of your Zero To 60 team your Manager. 

You will have the opportunity to provide AGD Ent Co with a review of your Zero To 60 Team at the end of your rollout. If you are having trouble with your team you can submit a complaint to AGD Ent Co and someone will contact you immediately to resolve the issue.

What To Expect

The program has ten projects in Asana including five setup projects that coincide with the five pillars of our philosophy, which we'll discuss in depth as we go along. All projects are supported with reading materials explaining why these tasks are important to the project as well as some general music industry knowledge every artist needs to know. These reading sections ensure all team members understand the objective of our work and help maintain realistic expectations.  Over the years the lines of separation between industry roles have been blurred resulting in a general misunderstanding of who does what and when. Artists shouldn’t be expected to have any level of expertise concerning industry issues but they should know enough about the industry to approach every choice with confidence. The reading and tasks within our program focus on what you need to do to be a working artist. We'll leave any next level issues to experts like lawyers, managers, and their various service providers. This will allow you to spend your time becoming an expert at crafting your art.

All in all we’ll be completing upwards of those 350+ tasks we mentioned above. The tasks, within each project, are separated by section headers and some tasks have additional sub-tasks. Based on the details of your coaching session your coach will assign the next two weeks of tasks to the appropriate team members. Task assignment, depending all your level of service, will either be assigned to an AGD service agent as part of our task fulfillment service* or directly assigned to a member of the artist group. Tasks will be given due dates that keep us on the timeline set at the beginning of your campaign. 

Your Program Directory is at the top of each project and will assist you in moving around to various sections or important tasks. Some tasks are contingent upon the completion of another task that may be assigned to another member of the team. Some tasks repeat and will regenerate themselves once you mark them complete. All of our artists are encouraged to peruse the full program but please allow your coach to take care of assigning the tasks as needed. There is value in only completing tasks as needed. Why? Becasue leaving time to work on your music, enjoy family and friends, and escape the stress of career building every now and again is key along the way. We can't stress enough the importance of self care. Part of the value you receive from having a coach is the confidence that your campaign is on schedule and nothing is ever rushed.

*The artist may opt-in or opt out of task fulfillment services at any time.


A large portion of our tasks will be working to create and curate a custom industry database. This will help make pitching your project quick and easy once we reach rollout. Understanding the importance of curated targeting is the valuable lesson an artist can learn. Too often artists use research that is not meant for their project. This leads to making a terrible first impression. Even when working from a large database you still have to spend time double checking the contents of each entry and making sure it’s a proper target for your specific project. Researching properly is sometimes as simple as searching on Google. Sometimes we have to dig much, much deeper. Each setup module requires some amount of research. Trust that there is value in this process. So please, for your own sake, never go out and steal a database from your friend that used to work for a record label, or a booking agency, or PR firm. It will result in various problems once you try to use it. Let’s build you your own perfectly curated list of partners you'd like to work with during the course of your career.

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Using our research web platform will make placing entries into your research project in Asana easy; keeping everything organized and maintained for your team. Once you've completed this database and we're ready to start your pitch, a simple search in Asana will show you the all of the corresponding: venues, publications, record stores, etc. 


After we're done you can opt to maintain access to your AGD profile or we can zip everything up for you. Either way, a detailed overview of all the work we do during your campaign is delivered to you to make sure you continue to grow your community further.

There are handful of other deliverables from Asana in addition to your database and task list such as your EPK & Pitch Decks. These will keep you looking sharp with everything in one place. We’ll maintain a Google Drive with all your assets backed up and readily accessible to all team members. This is your digital home base. Store everything from mixes to artwork in the necessary folders. This way anyone on the team can access what they need at all times. All items from the drive can then be connected to their corresponding task in Asana.

We create each artist a custom brand partnership deck to assist sparking highly valuable conversations with brands that share your audience. Our decks will last you many years as you grow your connected partners. Music technology is ever changing, thus the tools we use to implement the tasks in our program change frequently. Often times our artist will be provided the opportunity to beta test a product, or someone on the team will discover an app that saved them time performing a task. You should be prepared to learn about new technology at all times. Again, we’ll never expect an artist to learn how to use a new tool that is meant to be used by an expert in that field.

*Please do not back up old content not into the ZT60 drive unless necessary. 

Upon Completion

After the completion of a rollout, artists are eligible for our Zero To 60 Awards which take place during our Awards Expo. Our expos are private events for the artist community and our music industry partners to celebrate their accomplishments and showcase their work. We are very excited to see this community grow and we are happy that you are a part of it. Let’s do great work together.