A Conversation With Zero To 60 "Achievement Award" Winner Levi Parham


On May 31st, AGD Entertainment hosted their first Zero To 60 Expo & Awards. An evening dedicated to celebrating the success, accomplishments and milestones of artists who have completed the Zero To 60 curriculum


Photo By: Charles Ropp

Photo By: Charles Ropp

The evening set forth a night of looking at the process and hard work behind artists' campaigns over the past year, and honoring those who's content went above and beyond. As part of our ongoing series, Zero To 60 By AGD is commemorating winners of our Summer Expo Awards.



At AGD Entertainment, we value those who go above and beyond their Zero To 60 campaign and commemorate milestone achievements in their music careers. ZT60 Alumni Levi Parham has done just that.

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With the release of his latest record, These American BluesLevi has earned the Achievement award. Celebrating a #1 EuroAmericana and #23 Americana Radio record release, Levi Parham opens up about the success of These American Blues and his new record that currently in the works. 


What is your creative vision for this upcoming new release? What is it about and what are the inspirations and driving forces behind this project?

With this project, I wanted to combine the sounds of legendary records from artists like Leon Russel, JJ Cale, Freddie King, and others coming out of Tulsa, creating the "Tulsa Sound", with the sounds of the iconic records recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios. There in that studio - now called Portside Sound - I'll be bringing together top musicians from both locales to mix the two together in a combination that's sure to be killer. 

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What do you feel are your strengths going into this new record? How do you feel that they will be reflected in this new body of work?  

The thing I think is strongest about this project is the level of musicians working on it. I'm extremely grateful to have these guys coming together with the same goals as me, make an awesome record. 


How do you feel this new music reflects a balance between art & industry?

Well, I'm leaning on the reputation of two really great iconic areas known for producing excellent records. That's one thing I'm excited about with this project is that it'll speak for itself with industry, and I think that really let's the art take center stage. 

Photo By: Bert Pijpers

Photo By: Bert Pijpers