A Conversation With Zero To 60 Expo & Awards Winner Jessica Martindale


On May 31st, AGD Entertainment hosted their first Zero To 60 Expo & Awards. An evening dedicated to celebrating the success, accomplishments and milestones of artists who have completed the Zero To 60 curriculum. The evening set forth a night of looking at the process and hard work behind artists' campaigns over the past year, and honoring those who's content went above and beyond. 

Photo By: Charles Ropp

Photo By: Charles Ropp


Among the awards, AGD Entertainment commended those who excelled in their publicity, digital marketing, image & branding, day-to-day operations, and performance booking. Special award presentations were prepared for Best Artist First Look,  Best Single Release, Best Video Release, Best Album Release, and finally the Achievement Award. Recently, we spoke with Zero To 60 Alum and winner of "Best Single Release" Jessica Martindale. Honored for her track, "Walk The World," Jessica reflected on the track and the impact it made on her campaign and album, which debuted at No. 5 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter Charts. 

What was your creative vision for this piece of content? What is it about and what inspired the message or plot?

"I wrote this song with my dear friend, Anelda Spence, who is from South Africa. We have both moved around the world quite a bit and were talking about the love that would travel to you no matter the distance. No matter how long it would take to get to you or you to them. This song is about love that knows no bounds." 

"Since writing Walk the World, I have had the opportunity to sing this song in refugee camps in Kurdistan, Iraq, safe houses in India and to beautiful audiences all over the US. Walk the World has been my vehicle for transcending language barriers and cultural differences. It's a song about love. And, in my opinion, love and music are two things that make sense no matter where you are. When I sing this song I envision the faces in refugee tents and the survivors from human trafficking.  An image that will probably keep this song alive for me for years to come." 


What do you feel were your strengths going into this project? How do you feel that this piece of content reflects them?

"I actually tried recording this song three times before it became what it is today. It's an upbeat tune, so it can easily become a Disneyland-bubble-gum-sunshine extravaganza, but when it did, I missed the truth-telling soul in it. Honestly, I was pretty frustrated with recording this song, but knew what it could be and didn't want to give up until we found it. Sam Ashworth and Richie Biggs got their hands on it and gave Walk the World the life it'd been looking for. Jeff Taylor, from the Time Jumpers, hopped on keys and once he did, everyone in the studio couldn't help but smile. The song had found its authentic voice." 


What did you learn from this process? Anything you would want to do differently?

"I learned that if you believe in a song-- don't stop fighting for it. It may take time and resources to get there, but I'm so grateful for how it turned out. I honestly wouldn't change a thing about its final version."

How do you feel that this release of content reflects artistic integrity and industry balance?

""The industry" loves upbeat and I would say this a chill-upbeat as far as top 40 goes, but there is a lightness and inclusivity that is a bit contagious. The music video for Walk the World is a compilation of global images. From Asia to Kenya. Middle East to Napa Valley. England to right here in Nashville, TN. Thanks to technology, I was able to invite my fan base to be a part of this music in a tangible way." 

You can watch the music video for Walk The World below, and follow Jessica Martindale on all things social: