A day-to-day management service that provides strategy development, task fulfillment, and team building for recording artists. 

We believe there are five pillars that make up every artist’s foundation:



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What We Believe


Our mission is to help artists find the balance between art and industry. This requires fostering artistic integrity and individuality while working towards revenue opportunities in the commercial music market. When one of these aspects takes over the other, the artist will feel dissatisfied; this usually results in them throwing out an entire project, along with the successful advancements they've made. They do all this in an attempt to either make more money or be more artistic.


You can learn more about our ideas and philosophy from our blog, Balancing Art & Industry. We take a look at the perspectives of professionals from all over the industry and find out how they balance the creative aspects of their work while maintaining focus on the business side of things.

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For those that start from scratch and create something from nothing. Those who make a song stand on its own. Those who make the innermost thoughts outward expressions. Those who made a blank canvas have a voice of its own.

Those damn "millennials" ruin everything...except indie/pop music, these tracks are dope!

(Cover artists: Toro y Moi, Childish Gambino, St. Vincent)

Americana music is often hard to define because it encompasses so many seemingly different genres. Here's a playlist with some of the greats, along with some up and coming talent, who touch on every corner of the genre.

A Compilation of Alternative, Emo and Indie-Rock



Come take a look at our introduction here. This will give you a behind the scenes look at what joining our service will entail. We’ll take you in depth on the purpose of Zero To 60. We’ll show you how it’s delivered to the client over the course of six phases, and how your artistic vision will be supported through our five pillars described below.


When working on operations we’ll go over plans for team building. This may include labels, management, or booking agents as well as additional service providers or creative partners. Each artists has their own goals, but with a strategic approach we can ensure that you make a good first impression with the right people. Operations will also cover asset management, rights registration and revenue opportunities in crowdfunding and merchandising.


This is where we will plan the next two years for your live performance strategy. We’ll talk about the frequency you want to perform, as well as the where, when and how. Once you’ve completed your performance setup your whole team will have an understanding of the goals and strategy for getting up on the stage. With all our prep done it’s time to hit the road. Our Live Performance rollout will make sure that no step is skipped and we have the strongest performance schedule possible to support your projects release. This includes showcasing to industry and having an epic release party.


Marketing is the strategy with which we’ll introduce your music to the world. This is where we’ll discuss streaming strategy such as playlisting and algorithm planning. We’ll also cover social media planning and advertising. Your marketing strategy is vital to getting new listeners to your music.


Press and other publicity opportunities validate the quality of your project more than any other element. During this process your team will ensure that the project receives a stamp of approval from the music community. This is also a time to prepare your story and make sure the artist has a clear understanding of how to speak with the public.


Let’s make sure you look as good as you sound. A brand strategy in necessary to make all content cohesive for your release and establish guidelines for the visual side of the art. Additionally we’ll begin to plan our partnership opportunities and make sure you are surrounded by like minded partners.


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