RIYL: Ryan Adams, Nirvana, Nate Hussey

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Emo

Hometown: Columbia, SC; Nashville, TN

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Through the eyes of Hunter Duncan, life is a culmination of past pleasantries and earnest emotions mused through a pocket full of songs. 

A Columbia, South Carolina native transplanted to Nashville, Duncan’s project, Yosef, paints his tracks with an introspective loneliness, narrating the life of this singer-songwriter. Drawing from the influences of musical pioneers Nirvana and Ryan Adams, Yosef reflects on the modern soul’s relationships with faith, drinking, and love to reveal the complicated realities of the human experience. 

Yosef started his musical roots with his first album Run Wild, a formation of identity through broken-hearted ballads. Eventually retreating to the acoustic guitar as his canvas, Yosef began writing a series of intimate songs, ultimately developing into his limited run release, Learn To Endure. Since then, he has played countless shows across the country, performing at festivals and your local dive haunts. 

“Clever conversations, that’s what songwriting is to me. I’ve never been able to say what I want to say immediately and it always takes time, but songwriting is my chance to shout the comebacks I never had, and say the things I wanted to say but never did.” said Hunter Duncan.

Yosef will be releasing his debut full-length, Are You Still There? later this summer, which is a collection of stories told from the perspective of the songwriter looking at the times behind him. Yosef will also be touring across the south and midwest in the coming months.



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