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AGD Entertainment was founded by brothers Nathan & Timothy Dohse in 2014. The entertainment company aims to provide developing artists of any popularity or tenure the tools necessary to advance in their career. The company’s primary service is the Zero To 60 program, which assists artists with the setup and rollout of a project such as an EP or LP release. The company has become well know for providing educational opportunities for artists to learn about the music industry. All educational material is provided by Balancing Art & Industry, an industry commentary and content site created by AGD in 2017. Two new AGD branches were launched in the start of 2019; Experience This! focuses on entertainment services for developing brands, venues and event companies and Good Night Music provides publishing admin, licensing opportunities, label and management services to our artist community.

Please join us for our next AGD Expo to learn more about our growing community.

AGD Entertainment Services

Strategy Development

AGD Entertainment has specialized in creating custom strategies for artists and entertainment companies in Nashville starting in 2014. Our team members understand what it takes to bring and idea to life in a realistic and affordable way. We focus on five pillars for our strategy development, these are Day to Day Operations, Marketing, Branding, Publicity and Performance/Live Activation. Our initial strategy session is always free. After meeting with a team member for your session you will receive a strategy outline including a list of suggested ways for AGD Entertainment to get involved through one of our 4 service lines.

Zero to 60 & Experience This!

Our mission with Zero To 60 and Experience This! is to bring process, organization and task support to clients who are still developing their team. Zero To 60 specifically focuses on artist development. Our vision is to foster artistic integrity and individuality while working towards revenue opportunities in the commercial music market. When one of these aspects takes over the other, the artist will feel dissatisfied; this usually results in them throwing out an entire project, along with the successful advancements they've made. By working with our strategy team artists can properly balance their artistic process and the music industry at the same time.

Our experiential marketing and entertainment services started in 2017 with Nobles Kitchen and The Makers Series and we formerly launched in 2019 as Experience This! Since then we have expanded this service line to include all facets of the entertainment industry needing process improvement and task support. After meeting with a strategy team about your budding idea for a new app or music festival we’ll make sure that you have a clear plan and timeline for what it would take to bring the idea to the public.

Both ET! and ZT60 clients will move through 6 phases of development; Discovery, Setup, Activation, Release/Launch, Cycle, and Vacation. These phases cross over with our Five Pillars resulting in a cohesive campaign. In addition to strategy development clients can employ AGD for varied scope of services from consulting to full service day to day management as well as very affordable creative solutions such as audio production, photo, video, and graphic design. Clients from both service lines benefit from participation in the larger AGD community as many of our clients will partner together on projects in order to reach a larger audience for their campaign. This synergy is the backbone of everything we do.

Task Fulfillment services & TEam building

Every campaign is custom built with a list of basic needs and tasks in order to execute the strategy developed by our team. These tasks spread across all five pillars and they’re the skeleton of our process. For those clients who need more than just strategy and actually need help getting things done, we have team members on staff specifically trained for completing these basic tasks in a efficient and thorough manner. For strategies that require a slightly higher caliber of service our community provides access to every level of professional and we’re happy to help grow and manage your team further during the campaign.

Good Night Music & Balancing Art & Industry

Where many clients are in need of traditional support services, every now and again our strategy team will identify what may function more like a partnership than a service relationship. For this reason we launched Good Night Music for a more curated artist roster which allows us to pursue leads in publishing, licensing and traditional label development projects. Additionally the strategy team may find that a client is not ready either financially or in ideation for a service but would benefit from education and community engagement. This brought to life our Balancing Art & Industry content site, which in the next few years will begin to facilitate education opportunities for the music industry through online media and in-person workshops.

Creative Portfolio


Creative Services

Cutting edge visuals are a must in today’s digital market place. AGD is well versed in creating stunning content for a variety of aesthetics. Our services include but are not limited to brand development, digital and physical ads, music videos, press and product photography, audio production, and custom artwork/merchandising.

Brand Development





Audio Production

Album Production, mixing & mastering

The management of a production budget for an artists album is a task that needs the utmost care and concern. Once strategy team will help you develop a realistic budget for the vision you have for your album. Once we get the budget approved will help build your production team and take your album all the way to the finish line.

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A well produced and engineered album is extremely important for the success of your project. No one wants budgeting surprises or poor quality audio and AGD Entertainment can assist in preventing these mishaps. We offer everything from creative direction, co-writing, live engineering, and mixing & mastering to musicians hiring, studio rental, and vocal coaching. This ensures that your project is of the highest quality.

Equally as much live audio production for your event makes all the difference in the experience your attendees will have. Don’t risk a bad experience on in-experienced sound technicians or gear. Our community provides us the best in the live audio service.

Audio Packages

  • Single & B-Side Production

  • EP Production

  • LP Production

Audio Services

  • Engineer

  • Studio

  • Musicians

  • Live Engineer

  • Tracks/Song

AGD Merchandise Solutions

Merchandise allows you to earn revenue while doubling as promotion for your projects and brand. Having the right designs and offering items that are attractive to your target audience is important for merchandise sales. AGD Entertainment can help you during every step of the merchandising process—from design to production. Our packages have been price matched to the general market standard, the quality and professionalism of our merchandise partners are second to none. Zero To 60 and Experience This! campaign clients benefit from a 4 month payment plan allowing a pre-order or crowdfunding campaign to be fulfilled prior to final payment(s).

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example Starter Package

  • 100 CDs

  • 100 Posters

  • 35 T-Shirts - 1 Colors

  • Utility Item

Example Efficient Package

  • 300 CDs

  • 100 Posters

  • 35 T-Shirts - 1 Color

  • 35 T-Shirts - 4 Colors

  • 24 Hoodies - 4 Colors

  • 1 Utility Item

Fully Loaded Package

  • 1,000 CDs

  • 100 posters

  • 35 T-Shirts - 1 Color

  • 24 Hoodies- 4 Colors

  • 50 Screen Printed Posters

  • 2 Utility Items

  • Full Run Vinyl

Zero To 60 Performance Coaching

One of our performance coaches will critique either a live dress rehearsal or video. They will then schedule a 4 hour session to work with the group through changes to the performance.

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Performance Services

An electric performance is vital to any artist’s career and campaign release. Performance success is made up of many aspects from feeling comfortable on stage and connecting with your audience to on brand wardrobe and a strong vocal performance. We offer services to strengthen your performance including choreography, music and vocal lessons, hair and makeup, and wardrobe styling.

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Performance Coaching Package

  • 3 Performance Coaching Sessions

  • 4 Vocal Coaching Sessions

  • 2 Hair & Makeup Stylings

  • 2 Wardrobe Stylings

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  • Performance Coaching

  • Vocal Coaching

  • Music Lessons

  • Choreography

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Wardrobe


AGD Creative Packages

Creative packages By AGD

Visual Content and Design bring your music to life in another medium and act as an exceptional promotional tool. AGD offers various creative services, including but not limited to music videos, live performance videos, visualizers, press shoots, album artwork, and social media ads.

Starter Visual Package

  • Press Shoot

  • Lifestyle Shoot

  • Official Performance Video

  • Visualizer


Pro Visual Package

  • Press Photos

  • Concept Photos

  • Lifestyle Photos

  • Live Performance Video

  • Official Performance Video

  • Treatment Video

  • Documentary

Starter Design Package

  • Logo

  • 3 Digital Artworks Designs

  • 3 Visualizer Packs

  • Social Profile Skins


Pro Design Package

  • Logo with Icon

  • 3 Digital Artwork Designs

  • Custom Merchandise Designs

  • 3 Visualizer Packs

  • Web Landing Pages

  • Social Profile Skins

  • Physical Packaging

  • Poster Design

Design Retainer

  • Unlimited Visual Content


Creative Retainer

  • Unlimited Visual & Design

AGD Creative Projects

AGD Creative is committed to offering affordable rates on creative services in our commitment to helping developing artists entertainment companies achieve their business goals while maintaining identity. A highlight of our creative team is the Creative Portfolio Program. Members of this program have been through a rigorous audition process prior to entry. The purpose of this program is to partner aspiring professional creatives with developing artists who will grow together in the years to come. Please complete the form below to get a new project started and receive a quote for services.

AGD Task Fulfillment Service Quote

AGD Service Team is committed to offering affordable services in our commitment to helping developing artists and entertainment companies achieve their business goals while maintaining their identity. Please complete the form below to get a new project started and receive a quote for services.