RIYLBonnie Raitt, Carole King, Stevie Nicks

Genre: Americana, Soul

Hometown: Montgomery, AL

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Press photo credit: Charles Ropp

Press photo credit: Charles Ropp

Release schedule:

"Just Enough" Single Release - January 19th

"No Way" Single Release - February 16th

"Just Enough" Music Video Release - March 2nd

"The Road" Single Release - March 9th

"Pretending" Single Release - April 20th

"Road To Reckoning" Album Release - May 18th

Road To Reckoning

"Just Enough"

Just Enough Coming January 19th

Lottie brings focus to the parts of ourselves that we lose through unhealthy, cyclical relationships, and picking up the pieces on the other side. With an upbeat feel and an empowering message, Lottie sings of the times when packing up and leaving is the best thing to do. The song hits a soft spot almost universally, as many of us have been stuck in a give and take situation without much give.  

This call to action track boils down to a simple and powerful message, communicated beautifully by Lottie herself: "We don’t have to go through life accepting less than we deserve, take what’s rightfully yours and own it."

"No Way"

No Way.jpg

No Way Coming February 16th

This sassy, playful song brings an empowering message into the world of old-time country hits. Boasting an intimate, powerful vocal performance, the track harkens to the confronting performances of the Dixie Chicks and Miranda Lambert. A classic back-beat rhythm, and timeless Nashville guitar tones make this track feel like home from the very first note.  
She returns to the world of letting go, looking back to the times when loved ones just didn’t deserve another chance. At the end of a long string of harmful relationships, Lottie recalls the “ah ha!” moment of clarity when you realize that that person is no longer worth your love, time, mercy, and attention. With personal, cutting lyrics Lottie paints a picture familiar to many, and challenges those enduring similar struggles to stand up and say “No Way.”

"Just Enough" Music Video

Just Enough Music Video Coming March 2nd



Pretending Coming March 9th

This honest track brings forward the beautiful side of Lottie’s songwriting. With delicate acoustic guitar, and thoughtful backing vocals, the sounds of The Dixie Chicks and Miranda Lambert are evident from start to finish. 
Lottie zeroes in on her own flaws in this track, giving the listener a personal account of her struggles with being vulnerable around friends and loved ones. This song is a testament to those who’s wall are wearing thin, and bears a strong message for many who need it. “…it’s ok to not be alright, and someone else has been there.” 
This introspective song draws on common ground between Lottie and her audience, bearing witness to the universality of keeping your feelings bottled up for the sake of others

"The Road" 

The Road.jpg

The Road Coming April 20th

A fresh & funky track with powerful performances through and through, “The Road,” will have you turning up the volume in no time. Between the groovy guitar riffs and sassy vocal melodies, this track calls on hit acts like Little Big Town and Maren Morris.  
Lottie reaches back to the path that Love leads us down, and all the wrong turns that come along the way. Pulling from her own personal experiences, as well as those of close friends, Lottie depicts the times we accept far less than we deserve in order to have a partner, and addresses the eventual Love we will all find.


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