Miss Lauren Pratt

For fans of James Taylor, Alison Krauss, Jennifer Knapp
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Lauren Pratt is making her debut as a recording artist with a new studio album produced by Nick Bullock. She cut her teeth on piano and continued with clarinet, but it wasn't until a guitar arrived via UPS that she found her true love. "It was a surprise gift from my uncle, but it changed everything" says Pratt. 

Citing influences such as James Taylor, Jennifer Knapp, and Alison Krauss, she learned ginger style guitar and folk songwriting. Lauren's classical voice training in college led to a short foray into the world of Opera until she packed her bags in and headed to Nashville.

Miss Lauren Pratt's debut single Days Like Tonight - Release Date 4/14/2015

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The Pitch KCMO:Music Forecast 1.29–2.4: Levi Parham, Jason Eady...

Levi Parham
It takes almost zero effort to like Levi Parham. So it's surprising that more people don't. Then again, the Oklahoma singer-songwriter is a recent addition to the Americana landscape. His home-recorded 2013 debut, An Okie Opera, was a rough-cut romp over grassy plains and along back roads, and it all but disappeared down a commercial country lane. Last December'sAvalon Drive smooths out the edges a bit, and a few more ears have started to turn in Parham's direction. He deserves the attention: Parham's voice has that timeless match of grit and tenderness, the kind of sound that puts you at ease no matter how sad the lyrics get. (And Parham, like any good Southern boy, can get pretty melancholy.) Become a believer Thursday, when Parham stops at the Riot Room. Scott Schumann, Margo May and the Blackbird Revue round out the lineup.
Thursday, January 29, the Riot Room (4048 Broadway, 816-442-8179)

American Songwriter premieres the full stream of Field Division’s debut EP Reverie State, out now on CD, vinyl and downloadable formats!


CMT Edge premiered Levi Parham's debut music video at the top of their page this morning. The video was filmed in Nashville by Jeanz Media and AGD Entertainment.  More to come from Levi as he gears up for a winter release of new EP, Avalon Drive.

Levi CMT.png
“Levi Parham leaned on his deep catalog for his upcoming album, Avalon Drive. One of the standout tracks is “Never Coming Home to Me,””

— Craig Shelburne CMTEdge.com