RIYL: Deftones, Thrice, Glassjaw

Genre: Alternative, Post-Hardcore

Hometown: Nashville, TN

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A duality between light & dark, FOREVERANDNEVER pushes the boundaries of sharing introspective sadness coupled with the adventure of life to find the balance in between.

Cutting their teeth in Tupelo, Mississippi, the band formed in the mid-2000’s. From the early days, vocalist Tyler Vinatelli, guitarists Justin Elliott & Stephen Malone and drummer Austin Wright dealt with the arduous task of being a rock band in the deep delta. After Garnering  a local & regional following and decided to take the next step, packed their bags and moved to Nashville where they met current bassist Joshua Dawn. Since then, the group has been actively touring across the United States and has released three EP’s.

For vocalist Tyler Vinatelli, music was always a part of his life even before the days of being a post-hardcore frontman. Developing an affinity for southern gospel & country-style vocals at a young age,, Vinatelli began to gravitate towards rock music during ever since his first show he attended at 15 years old. Since then, he developed his vocal style to fit those of the likes of Thrice, Deftones which has ultimately trended into FOREVERANDNEVER’s Influences.

FOREVERANDNEVER’s music is an extension of who they are as people. A mixture of boisterous real rockers combined with introspective sad boys, the group works to create open dialogues of personal struggles and woes. Whether revolving around mental health, the uncertainty of the future or your everyday roadblocks, the group’s music extends an invitation to share and empathize with others.

“For us, everything revolves around having a career where we continue to play with each other. There is no fame, there is no money, there is only the passion we have for doing what we love. We  just want to be able to pay our bills, play shows and grow as a group and as separate musicians. I think then, and only then will I be happy,” said Vinetelli.

FOREVERANDNEVER is currently working on their debut full-length album, and will be releasing new content in 2018.

FOREVERANDNEVER Release schedule

Promises (Single) - April 2017 

Promises - (Music video) - May 2017 

Promises - (EP) - June 2017


“Any artist will tell you about the sacrifices of pursuing their art as a career. “Promises” is a song we wrote about the difficulty of trying to hold together close relationships with loved ones while, at the same time, endlessly pursuing your career. Also, how difficult it is to find someone who understands what we do, how much it means to us and the sacrifices that come along with it," - Tyler Vinatelli, vocalist. 

Promises (Music Video) 

“Everyone knows the anecdote about growing up with dreams and desires, and how as we grow, our station in life, friends, loved ones etc can steer us away from what we know we were made for. ‘Promises’ is a narrative about how one person can steer you away from that path and turn you into something that you never wanted to be. The video mirrors that inner turmoil, and how we torture and kill our true selves trying to find happiness by becoming a facade, in denial who we really are.” - FOREVERANDNEVER


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