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Nathan Dohse is the COO of AGD Ent. Co. and the author of Zero To 60 By AGD; a day to day management service for performing artists. Like many others in the industry, he got his start as a performing artist himself with musical similarities to Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, and Augustana. After a decade as a performing artist, Nathan and his brother Tim (bandmate and AGD Co-Founder) garnered the necessary experience to transition to artist management and entrepreneurship.

“If I’m being honest with myself, I spent more time on the business of being in a band than I did focusing on the art we were trying to create. Don’t get me wrong, I can still write a good hook, but it wasn’t my main concern at any given moment,” says Dohse.

Dohse spent the last two years training additional coaches and support staff on the use of Zero To 60 By AGD in preparation to grow the service into new markets beyond Nashville. Leaving the coaching position to formerly operate as the company’s COO has allowed Dohse to further expand the service offerings from AGD Ent. Co. In 2019 the company has launched additional service groups Good Night Music (Publishing and Sync Services), Experience This! By AGD (Experiential Marketing and Entertainment Services for Brands) and Balancing Art & Industry (A Music News and Media Website.)

AGD Ent Co vision is to always provide the necessary steps and connections for an artist of any popularity or tenure to advance in their career. Experience This! will further activate that vision by focusing on providing any entity; be it brand, venue or individual, interested in creating a unique music-related experience for their clients or business partners the necessary tools to do so.